Friday, April 29, 2011

A Prince Of A Man

Today, Paul Coelho asked in a tweet why the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton was so important. I think the primary reason was that it was a chance to celebrate a beautiful and joyous occasion amidst the sea of bad news from the Middle East, the natural disasters in Japan and the southern states of the US. Also, we are all predisposed to like stories of prince and princesses because of all the children's fairy tales we've all read as kids. Ergo, all the good feelings those tales brought us then were awakened from slumber today - of hope, of promise, of love.

For us girls, the wedding represented not necessarily a dream to wed a real-life prince but the dream to be the object of the princely love of a man. To a girl, a prince represents gallantry, protection, generosity and everlasting show of affection, loyalty and love. Does it have to come in a body suited up in princely regalia? Not necessarily. Most girls really just want to be loved the way the prince loves the princess in the fairy tale - completely, thoroughly and forever.

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