Saturday, January 21, 2012

Housebound for a Month

So what does a person do when they're bed-ridden for a month? There is not much one can do, except:

1. Eat

2. Sleep

3. Pray

4. Read

5. Write

6. Surf the Internet

7. Watch TV

8. Watch and re-watch movies, lots of it.

You Again**

The Lamp**

National Geographic: Collapse***

THe Exorcist****

Paranormal Activity 2**

Paranormal Activity***

No Strings Attached**

From Prada to Nada**

Dreamworks Holiday Classics**

The Secret of Moonacre*


Mao's Last Dancer***

UFOs: The Secret History**

National Georgraphic: Amazing Planet: Born of Fire***

Iron Man 2***

Jet Li's Fearless**

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time**


The Expendables***

The Girl Who Played With Fire (Original Swedish version)***

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (Original Swedish version)***





Mars Needs Moms**

Aftershock (Chinese: 唐山大地震; pinyin: Tángshān Dàdìzhèn, Tangshan Great Earthquake) )

Let Me In (Remake of Swedish "Let the Right One In)***

National Geographic: China's Lost Girls***

National Geographic: The Photographers***

The Others****

The Encounter**

Then She Found Me***

Girls Just Want to Have Fun*

Peggy Sue Got Married**

Le Femme Nikita***

Gang Related**

Morning Glory***

Sense and Sensibility****

Cinema Paradiso****

Short Circuit***


The African Queen**

Interview with the Vampire****

Breads and Tulips (Pane E Tulipani)****

Nova Science: How Smart Are Animals?***

Kill the Irishman***

Inheritance (Documentary on Amon Goeth's daughter, Monika)***


Night of the Living Dead** (Color Remake)

Star Trek***


Dragon Hunters*

The House of the Spirits***

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark*

These Amazing Shadows****

Eames: The Architect and the Painter**

Good, okay or bad, films make good company. It transports to another time and place, which is pretty cool especially for someone who isn't even allowed to go to the first floor of the house, unless it's on the way to go out to visit the doctor. Even George and Katy enjoyed them, barking and howling in reaction to some scenes, to our amusement, and giving me a sympathetic look, paw, or lick when they thought I needed it.

I am grateful for the people who took the time to visit, send flowers/gifts, bring food, send a note/message/text and call. It really brightened an otherwise mundane day. It means a lot. I will always remember those who remembered. Always. You know who you are. Thank you so much.

Eternal gratitude goes to my Mother-in-Law who took time out of her life to help take care of me, as well as my two Sisters-in-Law, and of course to my Husband whom I thought couldn't be any more gentle and caring until the circumstances of the past few weeks. I love you.

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