Monday, January 18, 2010

Ham Chili, Anyone?

It snowed from last night to mid-day today. Hubby has just finished shoveling outside and he's drinking a cup of salted hot chocolate as he works on his laptop. The chili is stewing while I sit here in the dining room, munching on some leftover chips dipped in the Chimichurri sauce I made last night. The Chili is an experiment, really. We had so much leftover ham from last weekend's get-together and we were sick of ham sandwiches. I wanted to learn to make chili but I had no ground beef - et voilĂ , Ham Chili. If it turns out okay, I will write down the recipe and add it to my recipe box.

He did a taste test of the chili and made what I think are positive "mmm-mmm" sounds. The true test is if he'll sit down and eat it. The cold weather will work for me. It's always the perfect time for chili when it's chilly. :)

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