Monday, August 24, 2009

Say That Again?

If I fight for a country but plunder it later on and plunge most everyone to poverty except my family and friends, I can still be declared a hero and be buried in honor?

I'm all for forgiveness and God is the ultimate judge but what message does this send to our children and future generation?

This dictator sought greatness all his life in whatever means possible, and even in death. He made sure he was well provided for in life and now decades later, he lies in state in a manner that few in our impoverished country can afford as his family demands a hero's burial. It is STILL all about them even after death. I cannot comprehend how this man and his family are totally devoid of humility and repentance. I am not his judge, God is. But, I will not set him up as a role model and bury him in a heroes' cemetery - a place where every single grave should tell ONLY the story of the love of God and country above one's self.

It is troubling that the word "Hero" has been so overused and abused these days. Maybe we have to find another word that can represent it because the standards have gone so utterly low.

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