Sunday, November 10, 2013

Our Communal Delusion

"A Hive Mind has one thought process that controls each of its composite agents. Thus, there is a strong dictating force, the overmind, that implants an idea into the weaker subminds that enact it."

I've observed this in some families, peers, faith groups, etc. We all grow up with some form of it, dictated by some code, tradition or just seeing how those that dictate to us behave. Some of us manage to outgrow it and others don't. Those who stay usually try to perpetuate the delusion. Is it because it hurts too much to look at the truth and find out that what you've believed in for a big part of your life is a lie? That the dictating force in your life was a liar?

It's admirable to see the lengths we go through to keep up the image. This one particular group may have a lot of in-fighting and drama but put up a strong, united front to their community. They try and lord it over their small pond and feel like the illuminati among people who they believe are less intelligent than they are. 

Who wants to leave that and go out into a bigger world where we might not be treated as such? Who wants to leave that comfort zone and start a new life that has one starting from scratch with no image to bank on, just actual know-how and experience?  Would we fare, as well? We probably don't think so. It's why a lot of us stay.

Fortunately, I was forced out of my own little hive mind due to circumstances. While the circumstance wasn't something I was happy about at that time, I am so grateful that it forced me to a place where I was able to do a little thinking for myself. It didn't change entirely who I was, it just balanced my thinking process a bit more. 

Difficult circumstances may be very unpleasant at the time it's happening, but it can shake us out of our personal and communal delusion and make us the real thing. It can change us to make us the genuine, unique and better version of ourselves each and every time That is, if we let it. 

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